Saturday, August 6, 2011

World ranking of Unique IP address has India 17th Rank

IP addresses are very exclusive numbers provided to network devices affixed to the internet or several other network. The world has a different number of IP addresses and IPs exclusively as per regions and countries. The internet is running out of IP addresses and the move to IPv6 as we know that the process of shifting is on and most of them are on board. As per well sourced reports, India is ranked number 17 in a list of IP addresses. The ranking for India in the sheet gives a thought of where India sets in terms of internet tradition.

India accounts for about 69,74,771 unique addresses and the most of unique and largest number of unique IP addresses are from the US. India had the capability to monitor and measure the escalation of developing countries with developed ones. The amount of exclusive IP addresses escalation in India was approximately 21 percent. He also said that the beginning of 3G services in India should help improve these numbers some more.

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