Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sony is coming out with 4 Versions of S1 Tablet this Sept 2011

Sony is coming out in market with its S1and S2 tablets that to very closely by the month of September 2011 as per the well sourced report, presenting four versions of the S1 single-handedly.

The four (4) versions consist of 16GB Wi-Fi merely; 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G, 32GB Wi-Fi; and 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G. The identical dissimilarity on the other hand, hasn’t been declared for the S2. For at the moment, the S2 will be prepared and accessible in 16GB and 32GB models, in which both will consist of 3G and Wi-Fi, and not break up alternative versions of each.

The S1, a 9.4-inch IPS display featuring tablet is being scheduled to be presented as the product for house and the feature largely speaks about PS3 connectivity, infrared remote features, allocating the users to control TVs, blu-ray players, in the middle of other devices. There is no mention of the battery life of the S1 but it can be assumed that it is same as that of the iPad.

We will also know the genuine names of the tablets, which have till now been referred to as S1 and S2. Wait for September 2011.

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