Monday, February 27, 2012

Google Docs and Chrome on Smartphone get updated for Users

Google has introduced some novel updates for two of its hot selling applications – Google Docs and Chrome to phone based devices. Most of us use these applications a lot and those who don’t then here is some of important explanation about the applications, which are Google Docs and Chrome.

Google Docs makes it possible to transfer your entire online document to your Android Smartphone, for simple uploading and viewing of content. Also, the other one, Google Chrome to phone permits users to launch links, maps, phone numbers, and more from their Chrome browser to their phone.

New things accessible in Google Docs in Smartphone after updating:

Create any file that is accessible offline for observation purpose access at the same time as not connected. Able to run offline content, this incorporates such as seeing what’s out of date. Automatic syncing offline content during the time users are using wifi. Star and rename files when the users are offline and enhanced reading experience of Google documents at the same time as on a tablet.

New things accessible in Google Chrome in Smartphone after updating:

As updated, the Chrome will make user find new look and feel, when opened. It makes it easy to fix crash at the time when copying text from Chrome to the device and also added landscape support.

Google Chrome to phone at present doesn’t support in all countries, but Google Docs is very much accessible from every part of World and it is consider as a worldwide application. Also, for Chrome to phone, you require to install the Chrome browser extension on your computer that can be set up by browsing for 'Chrome to Phone'