Friday, August 12, 2011

Innovative iPhone 5 Clone Images Leaked to Users – Rumor or Real

Here comes latest rumor regarding iPhone 5. But it is coming out soon to very good enough that the design the Chinese website showing is really cool. Sounds really strange and I am sure this Chinese website must have good source or they are just bluffing around to get some good hit on their site. As everybody says controversies sells everything.

As there is news floating that in Chinese factory where the real iPhone5 being developed, from there they got the blueprint of the clone model. That can be strange but true that the model will have same design as the new one.

Some changes but that to little bit and the clone is just in front of you and you may never know what you are using original or clone. It has no button, sounds nice.

I think user may be in the winning end. Sounds good for everybody but then also beware.

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