Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Android Users Probably Select Latest iPhone 5

As per to the research and report from well sourced link that most of Android users have modest devotion towards the green robot, in contrast to the iPhone users. The survey people used prototype for 216 mobile phone users in Minneapolis to get clear picture of what accurately interests the average consumer. Here are the charts from the survey- it was found out that 94 percent of iPhone users would propose to buy a latest iPhone, and just 47 percent of Android users plan to purchase a latest Android phone.

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As found out that more than 42 percent of Android owners want to switch over to iPhone. BlackBerry appears to be going down and the numbers are exhibiting that particular percent.

Only 27 percent of BlackBerry owners are going to to purchase another one. 67 percent scheme to go for iPhone. Other phones more to the point these three seem to take up a paltry 6 percent.

iPhone 5 will be knocking your door by next year and it sound cool.

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