Friday, July 29, 2011

Pakistan Cyber Army deface the BSNL site of India

India is trying to make relation better with Pakistan after horrific terror attack on India from past 20 years till Mumbai attack. Also getting report from intelligence group that Pakistani navy and army are planning air attack in India and also to destroy dams on North India side. What is this, as Pakistan is playing double game by sending female bomb foreign minister and in other hand want to spread terror in India. When Pakistan will behave like humans.

India: In Word and Image

Pakistani hacker group which is also called Pakistan Cyber Army have purportedly forced and hacked in to the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) website. In the forced entry they have got access to more than 10,000 users' details that include name, address, email, phone and location.

 Also, Pakistan Cyber Army also has BSNL’s internal working of their VPN, information of their circuits and other technical details.

I doubt about their claim that they are independent and have no website, email or Facebook account nor any sort of backing. I am sure that their Pakistani masters are using them as puppet, when Pakistani can make USA act like puppet and fool them and double cross them then Asian are nothing for them.

 The reason for this hack is unknown, but wants to show their power and no website is secure.

Google+ Traffic goes down very rapidly

Almost one month has passed since the storm named Google+ came in to IT World and in short time it created lots of hype by managing to sign up more than ten million users and twenty million visitors.

At present Google is not getting any sign up other than upholding devotion. Priory Google+ had a key diminish in their user count. Their numbers went down to that to from 1.89 million users in the preceding week, to 1.79 million this week. The fall in traffic has been a high-quality of 10 per cent and is declining week by week.

Google+ began with big bomb and was giving Facebook good contest and generating queries of changing dependability.

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Google+ was the 42nd most stopover social networking web site in the United States last month, despite the fact that at earliest entry to their site was on an 'invite only'. They did have photo sharing options and privacy settings that with good eye-catching and user friendly than other social networking sites. With these features Google+ was anticipated to be the next hot cake. Nevertheless, with its decline in users, Google+ will have to come up with something new that really catches attention and out of world creative features as to develop their place in the networking domain.

BlackBerry Messenger 6 is now available

Research in Motion (RIM), has freshly announced their latest version of BlackBerry Messenger, BBM 6, building it a complete time social experience for every body.

The service will be authoritatively announced with OS 6. Conversely, people will be able to download BBM 6 at the official BlackBerry web site. The latest messenger will be operational with a quantity of many features incorporating social gaming and applications. It also will permit users to develop apps using the BlackBerry app world, over and above socialize with one another using the similar applications.

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The novel messenger will also permit users to cooperate with one another at the same time as gaming. Users can also sight apps scheduled on their friends' phone. To create things simple, BBM 6 will permit users to locate an exact color icon for each one of the contact, so that they can recognize their contact just by the color allocated to them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Popular People activated privacy settings in Google+

Most of the nearly all popular people on Google+ has made some important privacy settings such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have all activated privacy settings on their Google+ profiles so that no one should track them of how many followers they are  following.

Till now we all can se whom they are following and how many follower they have in Google+ friend Circle and Zuckerberg was the most-followed person on the novel and latest social network, what was just behind very close to Brin and Page. Now it is very sad for other that as privacy settings has been updated on those profiles, at this point of time we don't able to see in the least details about their "Circles”, that way Google+ calls friend groups or how many people are following them.

The transform of the account through privacy settings that can be performed by any users, it is very easy. Clicking on Settings and choosing the Privacy tab lets you decide on what in sequence about your circles is showcased on your profile. Undoubtedly, Zuckerberg and the others every one of them decided on to make the circle details private. It is hard to understand that why all of them at same time change the privacy settings.

 As we know from the statistics before this settings came in to effect, Zuckerberg was leader, with thousands more followers than Brin or Page.

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Google+ is said to at the present possess over 10 million members, and that user base is predictable to scale quickly. In view of the fact that its debut on June 28, 2011, Google has added more characteristics to the Google+ familiarity, and is slowly incorporating it into its different other services. Zuckerberg in recent times commented on the competitor service at a Facebook event.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Move2Picasa apps smoothly transfer pic from Facebook to Google+

Google+ just launched and conquered most of the IT world and people are dying to get in to it.

To help such people, an Indian developer has announced an app that simply smooths the process of transferring from rival Facebook to Google+. The app is at the present known as Move2Picasa, developed by Pune based web developer Aman Kumar Jain.

The app makes it possible to transfer from FB albums to Picasa, after which the user can share it with your Circle in Google+. At this time it is accessible only at the Chrome Webstore, consequently only for the Google Chrome web browser, this app installs as a plug-in. As the time being when installed, you can click on the icon comes into view on the right side of the address bar to establish transferring your photo albums from Facebook to the Picasa account and you are at this time logged into. Unnecessary to articulate, you require to be logged into your FB account as well for this to work.
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The app has witness more than 10,000 users asking for migration requests. Jain says, "I did know that my app will have such a response. We moved 4 lakh photos which took up bundle of resources. We have an exceptionally big and huge request line waiting, so we have temporarily paused accepting requests".

The app has limited functionality now. You can either transfer each and every one of the photos or none at all.

Is there any chance that Facebook may ban this App, Jain think that it follows Facebook’s API and follows all rules but you never know what can happen in immediate future?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zapak Plus Subscription Gaming Service announced in India

Reliance native game gamers gaming service unveiled its membership, and what more? It claimed to offer less money for the full version PC games. Monthly / quarterly subscription for enthusiasts in Cairo - Zapak plus more than 120 full version of Dirt 2, 2009, England, flat out, Luxor, Sherlock Holmes, Jewel Quest, mysterious places in the city, including PC games.

Gamers log on the website plus you can subscribe to their favorite games. Download to start, a client requires less than 1MB. Customers are also playing in the background enables the download the other games. The site for online customers are reluctant to pay cash on delivery can choose.

"Welcome to the comfort of your home at Zapak 1 Plus, PC gaming experience on the title back to the month that provides for the millions of gamers Zapak. Only flash games, PC games, But it becomes a destination. Gamers can only comment so far Reliance Entertainment (Digital Business) - poor quality pirated games or for gaming DVD using the DVD and Zapak Games, the affordable price plus full membership "Good quality, Rohit Sharma, Chief Executive Officer can enjoy.

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Zapak Cash Plus store features a wide network across 50 cities founded by the initiative, the gaming industry, he has not heard "is said.

Gamers in India Zapak account can buy more bucks a month. 99. Launched a three-month subscription included in the offer of Rs. 247 and Rs. Expenditures account for up to a 297.

Apple to develop and erect protection for gadgets to stop hackers

Apple announced very important matter, which stating that it is going to repair the entire set of errors which are used by the hackers to get in to the company's much admired iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch gadgets.

Engineers at the California firm are working day and night to repair all sort of problems showed by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

Apple takes security issues very seriously and said that we are very much attentive of this reported matter and creating secure gadgets that will be accessible in an upcoming software update.

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The Federal Office did caution this week of an error that would permit hackers to penetrate in to Apple mobile devices by deceiving users into by breaching the PDF document files by means of malicious computer code.

Even though no attacks have been pragmatic, hackers are expected to attempt to take advantage of the weakness as per to a posting on the agency's website.

Most probably the attack situations for cyber-criminals comprise of accessing passwords, email messages, contact lists, or built-in cameras and eavesdropping on phone conversations or getting location in sequence.

The agency suggested that Apple device users guard contiguous to hackers by not to open PDF documents from unknown sources. Apple gadget users should control and constraint the Web browsing to dependable and consistent websites and keep away from clicking on links in emails except they are sure where they lead.

Facebook campaign to appoint public policy specialist in India

Privacy growing in the world, India, Facebook, the world's largest social network, including a public policy expert in the lease plan. In India about 25 million active users, Google, Facebook in the country with nearly 60 million users, behind the count. 

Any claim that the industry demands that directly affect companies like Facebook to the government's awareness Pawan Duggal, a lawyer specializing in IT law and the Internet, "he says. 

In one ad, Facebook, the new director of public policy should be based in Delhi said, "active decision makers and influential individuals in the electoral and governing body will promote the use of Facebook." 

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When contacted on Thursday, Eaton, is handling public relations communications agency in India, Facebook officials said its officials were available for comment. Third party in possession of data that companies have come under the rules for public companies trading, handling or processing sensitive personal data on 11 April 2011 draft. 

Head of a public policy of the practice is not new. Google's place in 2006, which is connected to the government since the effects of the policy has had a political group.Governments around the world including India, as cast by Internet companies like Google fast data and control information. 

There were 282 requests for Google either completely or partially followed in 2010 with 22% of requests are filed.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google Surprises Everybody with Interactive Game Nexus Contraptions

Around the globe when all of them were talking about the start of the much waited Facebook Killer the Google+’ pattern, the search giant has taken the whole world by surprise by announcing the interactive game, called Nexus Contraptions. This news is really going to rock the every part of the globe who loves games.

It has just released and it has become hot property with the Google users. The game does have four most important stages, which have been more divided into other sub-stages.

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On the start of the screen, the user is offered with a collection of Google Apps, incorporating YouTube, Gmail, and many more. Each app on the whole symbolizes one stage, and every most important stage is characterized by an exclusive colored robotic arm. The user is predictable to spring back all the Nexus S balls in to a red funnel and for doing so there are many of contraptions that have been made accessible – rubber bands, fans, bombs, magnets, among others.

All that a user has to do is deliberately consign the contraptions to unswerving the balls to the red funnel. Nevertheless, after a number of perfect and bad shots you get everything on right way. Maybe it looks easy and made easy that everybody will play more and be happy at the end.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Microsoft's Bing to offer English language to Baidu's Chinese Search Website

Microsoft's Bing search engine to offer English language search results for Baidu, China's major search engine website, the companies declared together.

Added information about the contract that incorporates financial transactions was not revealed. The budge trails Google's verdict last year to draw its search engine from China's mainland, as per high voltage drama regarding censorship of the Search data that google provided on Net. The page at this moment redirects visitors to Google's Hong Kong search website when they endeavor to get the terms into the search bar.

Baidu has good share of pie in China’s search engine market and that comprise of 80 percent. Enhanced English language results via Bing possibly will improve its share even elevated.

Baidu is planning to get in to big game by showing much of big moves to expand its presence felt in World map. Last month, it declared a US$306 million agreement with Qunar, a Chinese travel search engine, that resolve to notice Baidu turning out to be Qunar's majority shareholder.

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For the moment, Microsoft has no double mind nor enthusiastic to expand superior access to China's roughly 480 million Internet users as it putted its hand further ahead of Google's gigantic leap in the World map of search engine market.

As per to the report on Search engine market, Google is leading the share of search engine market with 91.07 percent of the worldwide market contrasted to 3.21 percent for Bing.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ruby on Rails (RoR) and rest of World

Yukihiro Matsumoto introduced *Ruby *in the year 1993 and was officially released in 1995. Ruby is a dynamic interpreted language that has many strong features of diverse languages. It is a well-built Object oriented programming language which also has single inheritance as in Java. Ruby offers a feature called as mixins.

Mixins users can easily import methods from multiple classes using modules. Ruby has the scripting feature similar to the Python and Perl. The Object oriented concept from C++ and Java also sustains the consistency of programming in addition to maintaining the security of code. Ruby is open source and one does not need to pay anything to use it as Ruby is used worldwide by everyone.

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David Heinemeier Hansson designed *Rails* framework in the year 2004.* *It was developed under MIT License system and as a result made *Ruby on Rails*an open source and free to be execute by everyone.

David Heinemeier Hansson is a partner at 37signals, produced popular Ruby on Rails as mentioned earlier. David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp, a project management tool by 37signals separated the application’s supporting and created code that he could use and re-use for software.

David Heinemeier Hansson released Rails as open source in the year July 2004, but did not share entrust rights to the project until February 2005. In the year August 2006 the framework reached a landmark when Apple declares that it would ship Ruby on Rails with Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" that was released in the year October 2007.

 Ruby and Rails are frequently speak of together though they both have their individual existence and can very well go without each other. The reason behind is that Ruby is the base foundation for Rails. They share parent and child relation. Ruby is parent and Rail is the child.

Ruby on Rails, repeatedly abbreviated to Rails or RoR, is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. It is planned to be applied with an Agile development methodology which is used by web developers for speedy development.

Ruby on Rails is described as a full-stack web application framework, written in Ruby. In addition, the Ruby on Rails movement really needs to be viewed in the circumstance of web development in general if it is to be fully treasured.

Ruby assists a programmer to be a better developer by giving better understanding of the code. Ruby creates programming easy for developer with available idioms and conventions. Ruby constructs debugging quite an easy task for the programmer when working with Rails.

When Ruby on Rails (RoR) compared with other programming languages and development environments, Ruby on Rails is a very competent way of developing booming web applications in a shorter time. This is one vital reason why Ruby on Rails has attained an important position in programming.