Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Symantec launches Norton Mobile Security App for Android

Admired and trendy security solutions contributor and most important anti-virus brand, Symantec, has in its most recent budge appeared at protection of the admired or I say liked Android platform, with an innovative and fresh anti-virus app.
Norton Mobile Security App, which is a free of charge app for the platform allow s users to scan each and every one the apps they download, and other app updates searching out for at all any shape of risk, which possibly will conciliation the security of the Smartphone.

Let me tell you that this particular app also detects and blocks a few doubtful appearing websites and Symantec maintains that it is proficient and competent an adequate amount of to detect any hazard before it in fact infects the user’s smartphone. As well, in case the user happens to be unable to find or misplace his smartphone, the app also has a condition to lock the smartphone all in all using a text message, or even clean the contents of the smartphone, if it is require doing for not finding your piece. On the other hand, these additional features aren't an instant fraction of the app, but could be downloaded from the Android Market.

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