Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ISRO Developing first ever India’s Space Shuttle

The worlds did say bye to Atlantis and the most promising space shuttle program and at the present NASA strategy is to put the veteran space shuttle in a museum in the Kennedy Space Centre. This is not the end of space shuttle story, ISRO, the counterpart of NASA is planning to go with developing it own space shuttle and will happen very soon.

ISRO is at present functioning deeply on a project, whose achievement would harbinger a novel sunrise in the history of India’s existence in space missions. As report suggests from many sources that it is placed in a very confidential ISRO facility in Kerala, the fully re-usable satellite launch vehicle is gradually being situated jointly to play its role in building history. Enclosed by heat-resistant tiles, ISRO's most recent project would fundamentally be an unmanned space shuttle vehicle.

For the foremost hardly any flights the start on will be in a vertical position, similar to that of a rocket. It will then be dropped back into the sea. Later on, though, it will have a normal landing, just like the other aircrafts.

This much only details I have till now, if I get more I will update you my dear blog readers.

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