Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nokia N8 running Belle - Symbian 3 newest manifestation

Symbian 3’s most recent personification, Anna, bring a much desirable update to Nokia’s favorite operating system, but it was a morsel too late to the party. If it was announced about a year back then we should have given it an enormous round of clapping, but nowadays, when you have Gingerbread and iOS 4 doing the rounds, it tranquil seems fragmentary. Nokia has assured the next version, codenamed ‘Belle’ to iron out each and every one of the creases. A ‘leaked’ video made its way to YouTube, which, for the primary time gives an in-depth appear at Symbian’s upcoming OS.

The video demonstrates the Nokia N8 working Belle, which points to the information that it, will be upgradable in the coming days. A couple of novel characteristics incorporate an Android style pull down notification bar, original virtual keyboard and a fresh camera UI, among a number of a small number of minor tweaks.

At the same time as we don’t have any corroboration on when Belle will be out, it’s predictable to reach your destination very soon.

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