Saturday, October 29, 2011

Organic SEO can Provide Power to Dead Website

Organic SEO means it's naturally attained. It is significant to the long term success of a website. It is the ability to attain high ratings without recurring to paid campaigns through third party services. It's a fact that there are millions of websites worldwide.

Websites just don't do the job that they were initially designed for, which in many cases is to draw visitors and make a sale of a product or service. What the owners of these websites don't realize is that it is possible to restart them and make them work. By utilizing the services of a small business SEO service a website can be dragged from the depths of dejection on to the first page of Google. A good SEO company will originally analyze the website itself, the marketplace, and the resistance. It will then be in a position to determine whether there is any chance of improving the websites search engine ranking, particularly on Google. Traffic can be generated to a website comparatively rapidly by using pay per click campaigns but this of
course going to costs money.

A more tempting method, definitely from the search engines point of view, is to use organic SEO. This requires optimizing of the website using on-page and off-page techniques in such a way that it will obviously push the website up the order of search engine rankings.

On-page search engine optimization will seize into account the website's domain name such as url, page titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, headlines, content, anchor text, internal links etc.

Off-page optimization principally engages in building the link popularity of the website. Link popularity constitutes the number of back links or links back to the website from other websites. The higher your link popularity, the higher your page rank (PR) will be and the higher your website will emerge in the search engine results.
Building link popularity engages in hoisting the number of websites that link back to the website being optimized. A good organic SEO service will analyze a website, enforce on-page and off-page optimization and then promote it further using lawful marketing techniques.

A website can be built using Organic SEO and it is loved by the search engines!

•       No paid links from search engines
•       No buying into link directories
•       Organic SEO gives better weight in rankings
•       Maximum exposure for minimal cost
•       Longer, stronger links to highly trustworthy websites

The search engines honor websites that have been produced using organic SEO techniques with higher rankings as they are considered as being created naturally. Organic SEO is an ethical way to develop websites without ties to any questionable or illegal methods. Organic SEO can supply a more pleasant experience for visitors to a website and result in enhanced productivity. If carried out properly then the organic SEO can accurately convert a failing website into a search engine top performer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Innovative proclivity in Application Development in to Present Structure

CRM Application Development

In today’s uncontaminated on stage environment, a live cannot convene a number of interruption by perceptive a watch-and-follow loom. The policy makers of every modern-day casing operation playing requirement to discover trustworthy that method covering approaches are considerately designed and put into practice, in visit to meet consideration of the rivalry and times.

It has become important for business to recognize how web based applications can progress their proficiency. Every business must examine their existing advance and decide how applications will include in to or reinstate their pre-existing infrastructure.

Development in Cloud Computing

One of the prime trends in application development is cloud computing is basically a system to store data offsite, on servers that are located indistinctly and continued by external vendors, cloud computing can provide a series of applications and software as a service (SaaS). Not incorporating cloud computing, companies should reimburse for servers, physical storage, hardware and multiple software packages and the staff to install and continue. Cloud computing platforms permits scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to systematize the programs and applications that business necessities whether those are acquired off the mantelpiece or developed as an application development.

Customer Service and Social Networking Applications

People behind Business do conventionally resolve customer complaints through phone or email, are distinguished the worth of accelerating customer issues to bring together an improved brand image.

This can be done by providing exceptional customer service and reassuring clients to communicate positive experiences with followers. Applications such as Twitter and Facebook can improve the proficiency of determination of customer anxiety and concomitantly open doors to other latent customers. These media permits company to develop novel products or services in response to customer needs to monitor its image in real time, and to interconnect unswervingly with customers in an extraordinary technique, which in turn assigns quicker problem resolution and more satisfied buyers.

Growing Internet CRM Application Development Tools

Currently, the majority of production owners are serenely developing Java EE and .NET for CRM application development. These applications have confirmed to be recognized and dependable over time. Though, present trends have developers investigating options such as Google Web Toolkit, Drupal and Adobe Flex. These applications are internet based, open source platforms that improve dynamic language frameworks.

CRM Applications propose Personal communication

Clientele craving proficiency and amiable customer service interaction. Therefore, businesses are confronted with development of customer relationship management tools that intern each feature of the sales communication with the client. Now, CRM applications can impound so much more about a client or potential client. Marketing departments, R&D, even customer service and technical support can benefit from having up-to-the-minute metrics as well as client in sequence, acquire history and favorites accessible at the click of a mouse.

An original affinity isn’t several good if it doesn’t provide experimental results in terms of customer communication. Budding technologies and modernizations in application development demand to moderate both employee and customer experience, both of which decode in to achievement for your business.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corporate World using iPhone Business Application for better business

In today's World, time is money and with thousands of business applications around, we can find an application for almost everything. The business application using iPhone apps to organize important office paper, attend an online meeting, work with important files.

iPhone presents unrestricted potential for business users. Business application on iPhone can generate lots of businesses, the client just needs to select experienced iPhone Development Company.

iPhone Business Application is frequently used by corporate professionals for business reason. Web development companies in India have knowledge in iPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development and Custom Mobile Application Development. Corporate people who are using or need to use iPhone as an alternative to laptops are in search of good iPhone Business Apps.

Most of the iPhone Business Application Developers can build applications such as alert messages, calendar, weather forecast and etc for corporate people. Web development companies can build applications that will help corporate people to handle their businesses, when they are away from office.

Benefit of corporate people using iPhone Business Apps is newly designed as per business needs and not just using any other party applications. Most of the IT companies design develop & deploy successful applications for iPhone.

iPhone Apps, made for the various industries were used and working successfully throughout iphone mobile users. Experienced and expert team advance iPhone application development in a planned way. Web development companies coordinates with clients’ right from scratch and work with the clients thoroughly for the apps.

Web development companies develop iPhone applications of the following categories:

       iPhone Games Development
       Shopping Cart
       Social Networking
       Travel Booking
       Search Tools
       GPS Tracking
       iPhone Mobile Website
       Middle Wear Supporter
       Utility software
       Touch screen application

The corporate people can use iPhone Business Apps to access iPhone as to drag and drop files, accessible from any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Developer can build iPhone in to a power point remote to make effective presentations without carrying extra devices for presentation iPhone can be used as knowledge gadget to know what is happening in world on a daily basis, web development companies can develop a business app for it too. iPhone gives easy-to-read screens of news in all sorts of categories--including finance, politics, and sports.

iPhone Business Application Development is in demand. Clients come to web Development Company with an innovative idea, and company’s aim is to supply iPhone Business Apps as per needs. If you search for top 10 Web development companies in India, then you will find well know name in the iPhone application development with its hi-tech services.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Web 2.0 technologies bestow impetus to web traffic

Website of any type should have plenty of web traffic. Web Design Company can use Web 2.0 to increase web traffic hits. One of the most important things about generating web traffic is making available of all type of information about website; detailed description of products should be available to potential consumers in as many forms as possible.

Web 2.0 has gained huge popularity these days. Web 2.0 offers amazing change, contrasts to other online web traffic system thoughts. Professional web design agency are using web 2.0 for enrichment of the existing Internet. Web 2.0 makes possible for the visitor to become an active participant rather than just a visitor to the website. Blogs are one of the images of Web 2.0.  Owner of the website do have blog page, so that through blogs the online visitor can interact with the website owners through comments, polls and other way. Therefore, users will have more power over the content of the website. Blog submission is best example on which Web 2.0 has proved favorable for generating traffic to websites.

Like blog, the article submission through Web 2.0 generates traffic to websites. Using Web 2.0 techniques create articles that talk about products or services on which websites are based. If the articles are frequently visited by large junk of visitor, through word of mouth in Internet they'll help in attracting thousands of visitors in each day and also enable search engines to likewise point back to your websites. Web 2.0 presents preferred results within days compared to other traffic engines which require weeks to achieve desired figures.

Web 2.0 has the flexibility of allowing accumulation of population to network with each other and at the same time, spread their ideas to multiple visitors and different groups as well as send and receive suggestions from each other. Web Design Company can easily judge the advantages inherit in Web 2.0. Using Web 2.0, People have become free to express their thoughts without any fear of control. Web 2.0 has converted Internet into digital democracy.

Professional Web Design Agency and Web Design Company prefers Web 2.0 as web 2.0 has made the internet democratically personalized.  Each person has different type of requirements and Web 2.0 allows every individual to acquire the information. Web 2.0 has never-ending number of advantages which will help to increase traffic to any kind of websites. Most important suggestion before getting started with efforts to enhance website traffic web rankings using Web 2.0 sites, first do little research on right keywords to target. Choose keywords that are frequently searched for but should not have a lot of competition. Best to use Google search to see how many websites are targeting same keywords that been chosen, and that will help to figure out the use.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ruby on Rails (RoR) in IT Companies

IT Companies designs and develops advanced, ascendable, and easy to use web applications that give visitors the best online experience. IT Companies offers Ruby on Rails (RoR) web development services. We have devoted RoR team who has skill in developing and maintaining Ruby on Rails based applications. IT Companies’s Ruby on Rails Developers use Agile for best practices to design, develop and manage your project.

Some of our developers have been working since its early days. IT Companies practices standard code and raise the ease of readability for the reviewers. IT Companies use latest Ruby on Rails web services to create web 2.0 applications speedily and more cost-efficiently. RoR team has technological capabilities to effectively meet customers’ prospects for quicker application turnaround and incremental feature additions.

Some of the key areas demonstrating our capabilities in this practice are:

       Development Environment
       Testing Environment
       Source Controls
       Coding Standards
       Other Best Practices
       Our Expertise
       B2C applications like Shopping Carts, service booking, etc.
       Content Management Systems
       Project Management application development
       Social Networking web applications
       E-commerce applications

The development systems are loaded with necessary tools and utilities to carry out Ruby on Rails based application. The key tool installed includes:

       Development Tools (Based on project Requirement)
       SVN Client Tortoise SVN
       SVN & GIT for version control management
       DBMS Clients (Based on project Requirements)
       Capistrano (Based on Project/client requirements)
       Rails Framework 2.x

The updated versions of the developed applications are regularly deployed and tested on the server which is utilized for internal as well as for client testing. Application testing is done on various rails inbuilt testing.

This environment helps the customer and end-user to test the application over the internet and supply their feedback/comments.  IT Companies give various options on selecting the right database so that there is p erfect agreement of opinions between the web application developed here and our customers’ production environment.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Web Designer Creates Communication between Website and Surfers

One of the ultimate goals of a web page is communication. Owner of the web page is trying to communicate with people or surfer through words, pictures, and layout of site or company's goals. This may be informative or it might sell something, but the most important thing is that the communication needs to be successful. Web design is all about creating effective communication.

Before the web designer starts building a site, they do need some sort of research. The web designer creates best website and give life to the website of the company’s products, so they need to do research on competitors and other source similar to their client's products. A plan needs to be generated and the plan will help the web designer to clarify what the site needs.

The web designer always asks before starting the project, Who Is Your Audience? As soon as the web designer knows the answer, the designer starts to think about what types of information you want on your website. The clients need to identify the target audience for the website. That will help the web designer to design the website accordingly.

The existing customers, who are frequent visitors to your website, are in a huge way to retain them with new websites, which will be much better to the eyes of the customers than your old website. The web designer creates communicative bridge between the website and clients or surfers.  Prospective customers are the people who come across to website due to a printed advertisement, or an online listing or through search engine for particular product or service. Owner of the website need to sell product and service to develop credibility. A good website can help to begin good relation with new customers and in coming days can become potential customers.

India is one of the main destinations for designing websites. In India, we can find many web design company, who offers reasonable web designing services. There are many web designers, who take up projects on affordable rates to design websites. Web designers are very professional and they design websites in such a way that the websites become a communicative medium between the website and surfers. The web designer need to design the website pages in such a way that the visitors should feel comfortable while surfing for the information, the flow of information should be good. The web designer should design website pages in such a manner that should put up self-reliance in both - business and products.

Anyone, who knows little bit of designing can build a website, but very few can design websites that are able to rank high in the search engines and turn web visitors into customers. When someone made his/her mind to design the website through web designer, they need to see that the web designer – freelance and/or web designer from company should know to work on process of dynamic and static websites. Web designer should be able to create dynamic and static websites, page layouts, CSS creation, convert Photoshop documents to HTML files, in short the web designer should be able to create smooth transitions, create a site that works quickly and has good e-commerce user experience.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Offshore Software Development Services in India

Information Technology is a fast growing industry. New structure and multiplying software platforms are forcing the application development to pass through large change in existing technologies. ofshore software development services are meant to do businesses that are software outsourcing development and programming to India. Company has developed state-of-the-art, custom software and web based applications.

The software development services offered are as follows:

* Classic software development infrastructure
* Implement innovative technology
* Cost cutting methodologies
* High concern of quality
* Even customization of software services
* 24 hour of technical support
* Software standards are followed
* Adopt effective management practices in whole life cycle.
* Unmatched software development skills
* Efficient projects handling to reduce time.
* Efficient project implementation

Company has the ability to deliver reliable and yet innovative offshore software solutions in a timely and cost effective fashion in the most advanced Internet projects including web application and design to customers. Company examine a project and define its plan, detail and roadmap to achieve goals. Company follows a tight and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing software projects, company turn project conceptions into reality. With company as your software outsourcing partner, you can draw gains of offshore IT outsourcing & best-in-class offshore application and software outsourcing services in India.

Companies work with latest technologies and architecture and in various industries, as follows:

Technologies @ Companies

* Windows DNA / .Net development MAPI, TAPI, SAPI
* Win32 API TCP/IP, sockets
* COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE DirectX, OpenGL
* MTS Unix API (including Sockets and stream API)
* MSMQ Embedded SQL
* J2SE (JDK 1.2) XML/XSL
* EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) ASP development
* Oracle Application Development .Net 2.0 Development
* PHP Development Joomla
* SugarCRM Development Microsoft SharePoint

Architecture @ Companies

* Client Server Applications
* Distributed Applications
* Component Development XML Applications
* Wireless
* ERP Solutions India
* ERP India SAP Channel Partner India
* Microsoft Dynamics India

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Project Management Portal helps to develop better system

Project Management Portal is a tool by which the project managers will use the system. It allows producing documents and managing projects from one central location. Company use Online ACE Project Management Portal for Sales lead tracking with technical team.

Accessed via integrated Project Management Portal - Project Portal, we also track the same on our project portal as it is depends on the level of involvement of clients and to what extent he/she needs the details. Project Management Portal supplies the tools that to create and track common project documents including:

  • Change order logs and associated documents
  • Communication
  • Shop and architectural drawings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contracts
  • Requests for information
  • Pictures
  • Submittal logs and associated transmittals
  • Project designing
  • Reporting 
  • Issue Management
  • Announcements and Alerting
  • Document Sharing and Many More…

Benefits of Project Management Portal

Produce and track significant project documentation
Keep projects on track with tailor-made workflows, reminders and tasks, Supply project managers with live, latest  cost and project detail to aid in decision-making

Bug/Issue Tracking

Company Quality Assurance (QA) team is held accountable for documenting and recording the errors and issues identified during the testing process. Elaborated information of the errors and issues are entered by QA team. Company uses bugzilla,, mantis, etc tools for bug and issue tracking to report the errors and their resolution details. All of them are easy-to-use bug-tracking tool. The development team will look in to the issue tracker to view the errors and issues posted. The developers settle the issue as per the urgency set for the bug/issue. After the successful solution of the bug/issue, the QA team asserts the success.


Benefits of project management

Past few years, a collection of companies have popped up to supply software and services for IT departments that want to fit project management into their business and technology strategies. IT managers who are showing keen interest to coordinate their department's work with the larger needs of the company have started to see project management as a bridge over the inevitable obstacles that arise when projects are undertaken. Project management helps IT department to reach goals in given time frame. When project management does fit in with an IT strategy, however, that's when it moves from catchphrase to useful tool.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model good for offshore operations

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model alters clients to quickly start offshore operations and later transfer the offshore development center as their own subsidiary center. IT companies have establishes a dedicated facility pro the client. This capacity is like an addition of the client's own facility. The dedicated facility purchases IT companies’ technical communications, procedures and implementation capabilities. This facility is a virtual most direct of the client's own development and services facility.

Clients see the following advantages by functioning with this model:

- More rapidly Time to Market/ quicker Return on Investment
- Lower forming Costs
- Risk Reduction
- Flexibility
- Process knowledge
- Alternative of owning the capability

Project based on pricing or fixed bid will lower risk option, which clients can chose when the range and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear. IT companies offer Project based pricing in domains wherein we have the expertise and tools to decide the resource commitments. Our process assures reliable, certainty and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What offshore outsourcing web design company in India provides?

Clients outsource their web design requirements to India for receiving customized web design options at affordable prices. Offshore outsourcing web design services includes code design, HTML, CSS, XHTML, PSD to HTML, HTML to XHTML, logo design, Web 2.0 style designing, website maintenance, Internet marketing services and many more.

Many offshore outsourcing web designing companies in India offer Web Page Design Services. The web design outsourcing is boon to offshore companies looking to Outsource Web design, E-Commerce Website Development, Website Design Solutions, Web SEO, and Web Programming services to India and they save half of their in-house costs.

The Website Design Companies of India employs best Website Designers, Web Developers and Website Programmers for Outsourcing Website Design Projects Offshore. Most of the company gives professional online presence which would need to serve client’s customers. Offshore outsourcing web design experts will put client’s message and information in a professional and clean look at reasonable price from India. Clients, who need to start new website from scratch or just need an alteration of present website, Indian companies are glad to help. Website design outsource offshore companies of India support growth and technology expansion to make sure 100% solutions for clients in a most creative and efficient manner. Outsource Offshore Web Design companies of India offer website design services that are lower in cost and fit to clients need.

Apart from web design services, companies also offer website maintenance services for businesses, website that needs to be updated regularly for respected customers and to feature on top 10 lists of search engines. Client can keep in touch to hired web design team in India through Email, skypee and many other tools. Most of the hired web design team is available full time, day or night, they are just click away. Outsource website designing team has developed into a perfect mix of creative and technical designers to create appealing web pages that stand out of the crowd.

Indian Web Designers offer complete range of website design development, Outsource Website Designing, Outsource Web Design India services and e-commerce solutions to countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

PHP Drupal Development to provide IT Solutions

Drupal is an open source structure and content management system (CMS) penned in PHP. Drupal is free software that permits an individual to publish, manage and structure the content on a website. The model release of Drupal is known as ‘Drupal core’. The Drupal Developers of IT Solutions work in arrangement with no danger of violation and are able to pass random code in specific places.

Google Search

IT Solutions team will furnish PHP Drupal Development to client for maximum benefits. IT Solutions will provide features to clients such as ability to register, uphold the user accounts, administration menus, RSS feeds, layout, adaptability of account benefits, logging, blogging, forum, and options to create brochure web site or an interactive community web site.

IT Solutions also has knowledge of Drupal modular design that separates Drupal core’s files from contributed module and themes, gains flexibility and security and allows Drupal administrators to cleanly upgrade to new releases of Drupal core without potentially overwriting their site’s customization.

Lizamoon SQL Injection Hit Contaminates One Million Plus Webpages

In a gigantic and mammoth bunch injection assault, cyber criminals have infected more than hundreds of thousands of websites with malicious code.

The assault that was originally discovered by security company Websense, has exaggerated and hit more than 1.5 million web pages. When the company got the earliest discovery of the attack, on March 29th, anywhere around 28,000 web pages were that time hit by the attack.

As per to the company, the hit, which is being called as the Lizamoon attack, is a form of SQL injection attack that is used to inject malicious code in to the database of websites based on PHP and ASP.

The hit was named after the first website to be infected by it. Users viewing or opening the infected pages are attacked by counterfeit virus warnings, declaring that the computer is infected by many malware.

The company alleged in a blog post that the Lizamoon attack made their inroads by also infecting many iTunes podcasts web pages.

“The technique iTunes works is that it downloads RSS/XML feeds from the publisher to update the podcast and list of accessible episodes. We suppose that these RSS/XML feeds have been cooperative with the injected code. The excellent fixation is that iTunes encodes the script tags, which means that the script doesn't implement on the user's computer. That is somewhat good that the damage will not occur in large scale” the company explained.

Google Android Market Reaches 200K Applications

Google's Android Market application store has at the moment negotiated the 200k applications snag, concluding in on arch competitor Apple's iTunes AppStore.

According to well sourced report that the for the most part fresh app store statistics released by AndroLib, Google's App Marketplace at present has more than 200K apps, with more being added every day with the predominance being good.

Android Market has revealed some outstanding growth figures in the prior and uphold to climb at a more and more and more fast pace, hostile to outnumber the mammoth app depository that Apple has accumulate for its users.

The number of apps that are downloaded on the platform at a standard source and those added to it. Apple's App Store accomplished 300,000 apps in October 2010 while Android Market developed 10 times between December 2009 and December 2010 and same with 2011.

For the moment, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Market Place has also negotiated the 5,000 app hurdle, screening a advanced growth rate than the Android Market.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Microsoft .Net Application Development using MVC

IT Company implemented the Microsoft .net platform because of it inception in the software development dome. They have very experienced and proficient people who have performed their work on ASP.NET, VB.NET and C# while budding n-tier applications in the midst of in-depth execution of MVC (Model View Controller).

IT Company is proud to announce that we have designed and developed own framework for performing ASP.NET and VB.NET projects for offshore outsourcing software IT development products. This specific framework beyond doubt helps in tumbling software development time for clients. Microsoft .Net is a platform which offers programming platform for developers to develop and organize web application and standard applications. The two main components of the Microsoft.Net Framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) plus the .NET Framework class library.

IT Company has a very good knowledge during software development by means of .Net Framework 3.5. They do have a best team of Microsoft .NET certified developers that offer you most excellent most favorable solutions using the Microsoft .Net Frameworks.

If you want to work with them then Contact to hire .Net Framework 3.5 Developers from them.

With the most recent framework, IT Company will help clients to accomplish higher performance and security in Application:

A small number of benefits on services:

· GUI with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

· GUI with Silverlight on Web Application

· WCF and Workflow (WF)

· LINQ (Language Integrated Query) greatest application development using SQL Server

· Take benefit with out framework built on 3.5, which assist customers to develop application faster

IT Company team has following ability that needed for the development of MVC.NET applications.

· .NET framework

· C#

· MVC,


· Web 2.0



· SQL Server

· AJAX and web services


· Object-oriented programming techniques

· E-commerce applications

Advantages at IT Company for MVC.NET Framework Outsource Service

There is proficient team to provide clients best adapted solutions developed in MVC.NET Framework technology. They offer solutions that are inexpensive in successful approach, so it is best for you to contact us and we will support you in expansion of your company by getting the utmost consumption of your resources.

They also offer best solutions in form of desktop application, web-based applications, enterprise solutions and windows mobile applications.

If you are looking for MVC.NET Microsoft framework developers then contact best IT Company, people will be very much help you with best known solutions.

They have successfully provided solutions to diverse clients from all over World.

Microsoft .Net Framework has three programming language:

· C# (C Sharp)

· Visual Basic (Vb .Net)

· J# (J Sharp)

Some of the features of .Net Framework 3.5 are LINQ, Automatic Properties, Lambda Expression, Implicitly Typed Local Variables, and Object Initializers.

Microsoft .Net Framework benefits are as follows:

· Faster and Simple .net application development

· Assist to plummeting amount of code for .net development

· Simple to appreciate declarative programming modules

· Large Class library for improved support Asp.Net language

· Richer Server manage and most excellent support for Asp.Net Development tools

IT Company is offshore Software IT Development Company from India offering software development services in Microsoft .Net Framework. They have very best and proficient team of Expert programmers and developers who have very deep knowledge and experience in developing diverse kind of .Net Framework application development, .Net consulting, expands web based application and .Net Ecommerce shopping cart development.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56

Steve Jobs' dies after fighting with chronic illness for some years and did sent shockwaves across the world. Steve Jobs was not only Apple's visionary founder, but also a man who altered the definition of personal computing with his pioneering and iconic gadgets ranging from iPhones to iPods and iPads.

We lost such a great man and visionary to new technology. I salute to such a good man. I can’t write more as today is the day when we and especially me lost such a great wizard of technology.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Project Management development do extremely well for growth

IT Company project management skill offers customers the process of planning, monitoring and keeping control of IT projects. Project managers have broad experience in managing IT projects and delivering great results. Project managers can easily handle both in-house and off-shore development teams.

Close communication and keeping our customers up-to-date is a crucial part of Company procedure. It helps to build trust with our customers, which is essential to a fruitful collaboration. Company uses standard SLDC process with Waterfall model, Waterfall model is a sequential software development process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards like a waterfall through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, and Design  - validation, Construction, Testing & maintenance.

Through close team interaction, rapid reaction to changes and customer involvement throughout the process, we assure customers’ gratification with the delivered solution.

Company has optimized their processes for better support the business, reduce costs, improve quality, and improve time-to-market. They have turned to offshore outsourcing or Agile application development process to help these demands, but not both. So, given Agile methodologies' acute developer/customer interaction and light documentation requirements, the two approaches seem relatively opposed.  However, Company has master the complexity of merging the two types of approaches that can further reduce costs and also improve ability to communicate with remote development resources, a challenge for us for doing offshore outsourcing. Company does offshore work and can better meet customers' needs, and Agile development teams can cut costs.

The processes Company follows as such for Project Management are: Weekly Status Reports to Clients, Project Email Group, Fortnightly Internal Status Reporting, Monthly Target Meeting and Review Meetings.

Benefits to clients from the process Company Project Management follows are:
Company provide the Weekly Status Reports to clients as to update with where the project(s) is heading

Company maintain Project Email Group as clients can mail in one shot to the entire group of employees working for his project(s)

Company maintain Fortnightly Internal Status Reporting as to know internally, who is working on what and how much he/she has complete or need to complete the given project(s)

Company do conduct Monthly Target meeting to oversee the position of the work done for the project(s) by assigned employees, and we keep in track if the project work is reaching the target or not in given time frame
Lastly, company review meetings and try to give maximum benefits to clients by completing the work on time

Project Management Cycle

The Project Management Life Cycle has four phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure. Each project life cycle phase has tasks to complete. AceProject lets Company to manage all users in one account. Users can be employees, subcontractors, clients, telecommuters, or staff working at other branches. These users can all access your account simultaneously, from different locations, at any time, with their specific access rights. Each project can be integrated in a unique way, allowing different types of projects to be managed in a central place. Moreover, projects can be copied or transformed into templates to be reused later.

Company has proven project management skills and have  many years of experience in managing various projects of different sizes - small to big, we can assure our customers that we will able to deliver the final solution within timeline and better quality. Company follow best project management practice which is available in current industry scenario.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

QMetry widens and implements numerous tests

QMetry is a web based test management tool that comes handy for the Quality Analysis programmers. QMetry develop and execute many tests. QMetry simplifies the test management process by giving organized control over the testing process. It helps to create a framework and foundation for testing workflow. The Qmetry tool work on Windows Operation System and it can work on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Using the Qmetry tool is very easy, even a layman with basic computer knowledge can learn and use the tool. When the User click the “Requirement” button - Under that three buttons such as “Add Folder”, “Add Requirement” and “Search” will be viewed. When User click the “Add Folder” button – the user will come across Folder name and Description text box, after filing the name of the folder and giving appropriate description about the folder name, click the “Save” button. When the folder is created, under that start adding sub folders, for example under Store folder, add “Apparel “ sub folder, click the add “Requirement” button – give the name and objective – under details button. Move toward next button – “Defect Tracker” where the bug can be detected and can be added for other to view the problem.

The “Search” button is use to search the required content by giving appropriate “Keywords”, “Component”,” Status”, “Requirements Coverage”, “Defects with check box - Yes or No”, “Created Date”(mm-dd-yyyy), “Select Date” and “Modified Date”(mm-dd-yyyy). Under Requirement button there are different button such as “Reload”, “Expand folder”, “Sort Ascending”, “Descending” and many more to help user to use the tool in his/her own terms.

The Users or customers can keep on adding as many folders they require for the project. As the adding of folder is easy, the deleting of the folder is also very easy and handful. QMetry maintain database that covers all aspects of application's functionality. Every test in project is designed to fulfill a specified testing requirement for application. To meet various goals of a project, organize the tests in project into unique groups. QMetry provides an insightful and well-organized method for scheduling and executing test sets and collecting test results.

QMetry conduct through requirements, planning, execution, and report. By integrating all the tasks involved in application testing, ensure customers or users to receive the highest quality application.

I hope readers must have understood to use QMetry management tool by now.