Friday, June 17, 2011

Microsoft Registers record sales of 30 Million MS Office 10 Copies Last Year

Microsoft observes the foremost anniversary of its Office 10 productivity suite prior to in the week, conceited that the software suit has by now sold over 30 million units. Sales record of 30 million units in a year and that to quantity of selling of one copy per second for whole year is a massive achievement for company like Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Product Key Card

Microsoft also declared free-to-use Web based Office Web Apps (OWA) and many of thme are seeing this as answer from Microsoft to Google Docs, which has more than 50 million active users. Talking about the words from his mind on this highlight marked by the company, Microsoft Corporate Vice President  Takeshi Numoto wrote in a blog post said that the numbers successfully answer reviewers who had been offensive to Microsoft's road when it came out with Microsoft Office 2010.

"They said we were moving in the incorrect direction by enduring to splurge in our desktop applications in addition to the cloud. Even more of late, there've been more forecasts of the PC's demise,” said Numoto.

“But the truth is based on the market results as shown  from our sales and approval data, people persist to love Office on the desktop and they're implementation Office in the cloud," he added.

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