Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple Restricts WinXP users from iCloud access

Microsoft isn't the only company rejecting Windows XP users. Apple also will not provide PC users complete access to iCloud and its immense digital locker in the sky. If their machines are functioning Microsoft's old but still trendy Windows XP.
Inserting at the foundation of the iCloud declaration, Apple says you'll require a PC functioning Windows Vista or Windows 7 to enter in to Steve Jobs' version of the interwebs.

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That means there is no room for Windows XP. Outlook 2010 or 2007 are suggested for right to use contacts and calendars. As per to the fresh and new stats, this means that approximately half of all PC users will not be able to access iCloud.

Microsoft was the foremost to fix it to Windows XP users with Internet Explorer 9. The fresh and newest version of Microsoft’s browser, announced this year, does not and will by no means run on Windows XP. Microsoft is demanding to guide people towards Windows 7 and Steve Jobs is doing great job.

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