Saturday, June 4, 2011

Facebook Registers 700 million users Worldwide

The users of Facebook has achieved roughly 700 million worldwide till the month of May 2011, in that developing countries plays important role as per to the data of statistics site, Social Bakers.

“After reaching such a wonderful milestone, Facebook is still on the climb. Number of its total users is just near to 700 million users and counting numbers,” Social Bakers said. Five countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico and Argentina, each supply more than 1 million latest and innovative users to social networking site Facebook, in May.

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India is placed at the sixth position by adding of 918,140 fresh users last month, taking the total users to 25.77 million in the country. Brazil tops as a best performer and attracts 1.95 million latest Facebook users in May, taking the total membership to 19.09 million.

Brazil is trailed by Indonesia with 1.59 million fresh users, the Philippines with 1.33 million, Mexico comes to 1.11 million and Argentina having 1.06 million. As per to the reports, Facebook users will very soon reach one billion and that to by 2012. Last July, when Facebook made 500 million users, its founder Zuckerberg stated that we will very soon touch 1 billion users mark.

During the first quarter of 2011, the social networking site stirred forward rolling from 585 million users to more than 665 million. There were almost 80 million latest users in three months.

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