Friday, June 24, 2011

Google buys SageTV to improve Google TV Content

In a proposal to provide the content on Google TV a strong energy intake needed, so the search engine giant, Google has purchased the media software maker, SageTV. The SageTV offers features such as digital video recorder and media center software, but also known as for its ‘place-shifting’ technology that it supplies to its users, by means of which they can watch media remotely.

As per piece of information, as to the conjecture, it is this incredibly service - place-shifting that encouraged Google to buy SageTV. Google has been apparently functioning on developing the content on Google TV, and also this purchase was the subsequently logical step in that track.

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Google’s TV service lets users to contact the internet, in addition to scan via television listing. The SageTV buy out approaches after more than a few content purchases that Google has completed to improve content on its Google TV service. These purchases take in: NBC, Netflix, Amazon, among others.

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