Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google launches various features like Icons for Mobile, Voice Search Desktop

Google revealed numerous latest and finest features, counting a number of for its mobile version and a number of for the desktop. The mobile version of Google obtains icons at the bottom of search pages. These icons consist of restaurants, bars and coffee shops and that is going to position the users to ones near your phone.

Google Goggles also finds a latest feature where user can point your mobile device at Russian text and get a translated version. Both features will launch today.The desktop version of Google has incorporated voice search and drag and drop image search in it.

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Users will able to see a microphone icon next to the search bar and can click it to speak your search words, which is going to be fun. User will also be competent enough to drag and drop an image into the search bar and Google will furnish them with the best answer for what's in the image. These features will begin next week.

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