Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Virtual Education to Transform Asian and Other Classroom to New Era

Virtual education submits to teaching in a learning environment where teacher and students are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher offers course content from end to end course management applications, multimedia resources, the Internet, videoconferencing, etc. Students obtain the content and communicate with the teacher via the same technologies.

Many do supply online webcasting software, e-learning solutions, webinar training software, live broadcasting, live streaming, whiteboard and online conferencing software with lowest bandwidth.

Virtual Classroom

Education doesn’t have any type of boundaries.

A Virtual Classroom is classified online space in Blackboard that teachers can utilize to maintain student learning. It is available via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like face-to-face classroom, a Virtual Classroom is a very busy place.

• Virtual Classrooms participants are students or the staff at your school or place of work.
• Reduce travel and venue costs with a virtual classroom uses.

Live Events

Despite the fact that integrating real life experiences into teaching can be very challenging job, live events are important the endeavor. Both students and teachers are aggravated when learning is appropriate, significant, and enjoyable.

Through Live Events you can reach thousands of people across the world using the most prevailing live video streaming distributed platform by allowing LIVE and on-demand LIVE web casting with low end bandwidth internet connection.

•       Double the reach with a global audience Product launch, weddings & more.
•       Live Events is an end-to-end platform for distributing virtual events online.

Products Overview

Many Companies providing is an incorporated collection of software products. It provides a standards based platform for E-learning.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is used to perform live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. In a web conference, each member assembles at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the internet. This can be either a downloaded application on each of the attendees' computers or a web-based application where the attendees access the meeting by clicking on a link dispersed by e-mail - meeting invitation to enter the conference.

Google Search for query finders

Web Conferencing element is an open source video communication solution which allows Multi-Point web based video conferencing.


VVoIP is a term in the telecommunications field that is used to recognize the procedure of using the control of the Internet to administer the service release of both voice and visual communications via online streaming methods as a substitute of traditional fiber optics. In most instances, producers and consumers of VVoIP recognize the term to stand for video and voice over IP. However, there are a number of consumers and companies that favor to recognize the process of VVoIP as voice and video over Internet protocol.

Many companies provide diverse series of VVoIP products which includes CallCenter, CallingCard and IP-PBX based Video softphone features.

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