Thursday, October 13, 2011

Offshore Software Development Services in India

Information Technology is a fast growing industry. New structure and multiplying software platforms are forcing the application development to pass through large change in existing technologies. ofshore software development services are meant to do businesses that are software outsourcing development and programming to India. Company has developed state-of-the-art, custom software and web based applications.

The software development services offered are as follows:

* Classic software development infrastructure
* Implement innovative technology
* Cost cutting methodologies
* High concern of quality
* Even customization of software services
* 24 hour of technical support
* Software standards are followed
* Adopt effective management practices in whole life cycle.
* Unmatched software development skills
* Efficient projects handling to reduce time.
* Efficient project implementation

Company has the ability to deliver reliable and yet innovative offshore software solutions in a timely and cost effective fashion in the most advanced Internet projects including web application and design to customers. Company examine a project and define its plan, detail and roadmap to achieve goals. Company follows a tight and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing software projects, company turn project conceptions into reality. With company as your software outsourcing partner, you can draw gains of offshore IT outsourcing & best-in-class offshore application and software outsourcing services in India.

Companies work with latest technologies and architecture and in various industries, as follows:

Technologies @ Companies

* Windows DNA / .Net development MAPI, TAPI, SAPI
* Win32 API TCP/IP, sockets
* COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE DirectX, OpenGL
* MTS Unix API (including Sockets and stream API)
* MSMQ Embedded SQL
* J2SE (JDK 1.2) XML/XSL
* EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) ASP development
* Oracle Application Development .Net 2.0 Development
* PHP Development Joomla
* SugarCRM Development Microsoft SharePoint

Architecture @ Companies

* Client Server Applications
* Distributed Applications
* Component Development XML Applications
* Wireless
* ERP Solutions India
* ERP India SAP Channel Partner India
* Microsoft Dynamics India

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