Sunday, October 2, 2011

QMetry widens and implements numerous tests

QMetry is a web based test management tool that comes handy for the Quality Analysis programmers. QMetry develop and execute many tests. QMetry simplifies the test management process by giving organized control over the testing process. It helps to create a framework and foundation for testing workflow. The Qmetry tool work on Windows Operation System and it can work on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Using the Qmetry tool is very easy, even a layman with basic computer knowledge can learn and use the tool. When the User click the “Requirement” button - Under that three buttons such as “Add Folder”, “Add Requirement” and “Search” will be viewed. When User click the “Add Folder” button – the user will come across Folder name and Description text box, after filing the name of the folder and giving appropriate description about the folder name, click the “Save” button. When the folder is created, under that start adding sub folders, for example under Store folder, add “Apparel “ sub folder, click the add “Requirement” button – give the name and objective – under details button. Move toward next button – “Defect Tracker” where the bug can be detected and can be added for other to view the problem.

The “Search” button is use to search the required content by giving appropriate “Keywords”, “Component”,” Status”, “Requirements Coverage”, “Defects with check box - Yes or No”, “Created Date”(mm-dd-yyyy), “Select Date” and “Modified Date”(mm-dd-yyyy). Under Requirement button there are different button such as “Reload”, “Expand folder”, “Sort Ascending”, “Descending” and many more to help user to use the tool in his/her own terms.

The Users or customers can keep on adding as many folders they require for the project. As the adding of folder is easy, the deleting of the folder is also very easy and handful. QMetry maintain database that covers all aspects of application's functionality. Every test in project is designed to fulfill a specified testing requirement for application. To meet various goals of a project, organize the tests in project into unique groups. QMetry provides an insightful and well-organized method for scheduling and executing test sets and collecting test results.

QMetry conduct through requirements, planning, execution, and report. By integrating all the tasks involved in application testing, ensure customers or users to receive the highest quality application.

I hope readers must have understood to use QMetry management tool by now.

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