Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Project Management Portal helps to develop better system

Project Management Portal is a tool by which the project managers will use the system. It allows producing documents and managing projects from one central location. Company use Online ACE Project Management Portal for Sales lead tracking with technical team.

Accessed via integrated Project Management Portal - Project Portal, we also track the same on our project portal as it is depends on the level of involvement of clients and to what extent he/she needs the details. Project Management Portal supplies the tools that to create and track common project documents including:

  • Change order logs and associated documents
  • Communication
  • Shop and architectural drawings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contracts
  • Requests for information
  • Pictures
  • Submittal logs and associated transmittals
  • Project designing
  • Reporting 
  • Issue Management
  • Announcements and Alerting
  • Document Sharing and Many More…

Benefits of Project Management Portal

Produce and track significant project documentation
Keep projects on track with tailor-made workflows, reminders and tasks, Supply project managers with live, latest  cost and project detail to aid in decision-making

Bug/Issue Tracking

Company Quality Assurance (QA) team is held accountable for documenting and recording the errors and issues identified during the testing process. Elaborated information of the errors and issues are entered by QA team. Company uses bugzilla, bugtracker.net, mantis, etc tools for bug and issue tracking to report the errors and their resolution details. All of them are easy-to-use bug-tracking tool. The development team will look in to the issue tracker to view the errors and issues posted. The developers settle the issue as per the urgency set for the bug/issue. After the successful solution of the bug/issue, the QA team asserts the success.


Benefits of project management

Past few years, a collection of companies have popped up to supply software and services for IT departments that want to fit project management into their business and technology strategies. IT managers who are showing keen interest to coordinate their department's work with the larger needs of the company have started to see project management as a bridge over the inevitable obstacles that arise when projects are undertaken. Project management helps IT department to reach goals in given time frame. When project management does fit in with an IT strategy, however, that's when it moves from catchphrase to useful tool.

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