Saturday, October 8, 2011

Google Android Market Reaches 200K Applications

Google's Android Market application store has at the moment negotiated the 200k applications snag, concluding in on arch competitor Apple's iTunes AppStore.

According to well sourced report that the for the most part fresh app store statistics released by AndroLib, Google's App Marketplace at present has more than 200K apps, with more being added every day with the predominance being good.

Android Market has revealed some outstanding growth figures in the prior and uphold to climb at a more and more and more fast pace, hostile to outnumber the mammoth app depository that Apple has accumulate for its users.

The number of apps that are downloaded on the platform at a standard source and those added to it. Apple's App Store accomplished 300,000 apps in October 2010 while Android Market developed 10 times between December 2009 and December 2010 and same with 2011.

For the moment, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Market Place has also negotiated the 5,000 app hurdle, screening a advanced growth rate than the Android Market.

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