Monday, October 17, 2011

Ruby on Rails (RoR) in IT Companies

IT Companies designs and develops advanced, ascendable, and easy to use web applications that give visitors the best online experience. IT Companies offers Ruby on Rails (RoR) web development services. We have devoted RoR team who has skill in developing and maintaining Ruby on Rails based applications. IT Companies’s Ruby on Rails Developers use Agile for best practices to design, develop and manage your project.

Some of our developers have been working since its early days. IT Companies practices standard code and raise the ease of readability for the reviewers. IT Companies use latest Ruby on Rails web services to create web 2.0 applications speedily and more cost-efficiently. RoR team has technological capabilities to effectively meet customers’ prospects for quicker application turnaround and incremental feature additions.

Some of the key areas demonstrating our capabilities in this practice are:

       Development Environment
       Testing Environment
       Source Controls
       Coding Standards
       Other Best Practices
       Our Expertise
       B2C applications like Shopping Carts, service booking, etc.
       Content Management Systems
       Project Management application development
       Social Networking web applications
       E-commerce applications

The development systems are loaded with necessary tools and utilities to carry out Ruby on Rails based application. The key tool installed includes:

       Development Tools (Based on project Requirement)
       SVN Client Tortoise SVN
       SVN & GIT for version control management
       DBMS Clients (Based on project Requirements)
       Capistrano (Based on Project/client requirements)
       Rails Framework 2.x

The updated versions of the developed applications are regularly deployed and tested on the server which is utilized for internal as well as for client testing. Application testing is done on various rails inbuilt testing.

This environment helps the customer and end-user to test the application over the internet and supply their feedback/comments.  IT Companies give various options on selecting the right database so that there is p erfect agreement of opinions between the web application developed here and our customers’ production environment.

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