Friday, July 29, 2011

Google+ Traffic goes down very rapidly

Almost one month has passed since the storm named Google+ came in to IT World and in short time it created lots of hype by managing to sign up more than ten million users and twenty million visitors.

At present Google is not getting any sign up other than upholding devotion. Priory Google+ had a key diminish in their user count. Their numbers went down to that to from 1.89 million users in the preceding week, to 1.79 million this week. The fall in traffic has been a high-quality of 10 per cent and is declining week by week.

Google+ began with big bomb and was giving Facebook good contest and generating queries of changing dependability.

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Google+ was the 42nd most stopover social networking web site in the United States last month, despite the fact that at earliest entry to their site was on an 'invite only'. They did have photo sharing options and privacy settings that with good eye-catching and user friendly than other social networking sites. With these features Google+ was anticipated to be the next hot cake. Nevertheless, with its decline in users, Google+ will have to come up with something new that really catches attention and out of world creative features as to develop their place in the networking domain.

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