Friday, July 15, 2011

Move2Picasa apps smoothly transfer pic from Facebook to Google+

Google+ just launched and conquered most of the IT world and people are dying to get in to it.

To help such people, an Indian developer has announced an app that simply smooths the process of transferring from rival Facebook to Google+. The app is at the present known as Move2Picasa, developed by Pune based web developer Aman Kumar Jain.

The app makes it possible to transfer from FB albums to Picasa, after which the user can share it with your Circle in Google+. At this time it is accessible only at the Chrome Webstore, consequently only for the Google Chrome web browser, this app installs as a plug-in. As the time being when installed, you can click on the icon comes into view on the right side of the address bar to establish transferring your photo albums from Facebook to the Picasa account and you are at this time logged into. Unnecessary to articulate, you require to be logged into your FB account as well for this to work.
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The app has witness more than 10,000 users asking for migration requests. Jain says, "I did know that my app will have such a response. We moved 4 lakh photos which took up bundle of resources. We have an exceptionally big and huge request line waiting, so we have temporarily paused accepting requests".

The app has limited functionality now. You can either transfer each and every one of the photos or none at all.

Is there any chance that Facebook may ban this App, Jain think that it follows Facebook’s API and follows all rules but you never know what can happen in immediate future?

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