Friday, July 29, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger 6 is now available

Research in Motion (RIM), has freshly announced their latest version of BlackBerry Messenger, BBM 6, building it a complete time social experience for every body.

The service will be authoritatively announced with OS 6. Conversely, people will be able to download BBM 6 at the official BlackBerry web site. The latest messenger will be operational with a quantity of many features incorporating social gaming and applications. It also will permit users to develop apps using the BlackBerry app world, over and above socialize with one another using the similar applications.

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The novel messenger will also permit users to cooperate with one another at the same time as gaming. Users can also sight apps scheduled on their friends' phone. To create things simple, BBM 6 will permit users to locate an exact color icon for each one of the contact, so that they can recognize their contact just by the color allocated to them.

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