Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook campaign to appoint public policy specialist in India

Privacy growing in the world, India, Facebook, the world's largest social network, including a public policy expert in the lease plan. In India about 25 million active users, Google, Facebook in the country with nearly 60 million users, behind the count. 

Any claim that the industry demands that directly affect companies like Facebook to the government's awareness Pawan Duggal, a lawyer specializing in IT law and the Internet, "he says. 

In one ad, Facebook, the new director of public policy should be based in Delhi said, "active decision makers and influential individuals in the electoral and governing body will promote the use of Facebook." 

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When contacted on Thursday, Eaton, is handling public relations communications agency in India, Facebook officials said its officials were available for comment. Third party in possession of data that companies have come under the rules for public companies trading, handling or processing sensitive personal data on 11 April 2011 draft. 

Head of a public policy of the practice is not new. Google's place in 2006, which is connected to the government since the effects of the policy has had a political group.Governments around the world including India, as cast by Internet companies like Google fast data and control information. 

There were 282 requests for Google either completely or partially followed in 2010 with 22% of requests are filed.

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