Sunday, May 22, 2011

Research In Motion Unveils Many information About QNX Operating System

The BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) has unveiled novel and latest information about the forthcoming QNX mobile operating system. RIM offered this information to users, who use phones latest functions and the company’s official stand on the accessibility of the product.

Carlo Chiarello, the vice president of GSM/UMTS business unit, RIM said that BlackBerry had by now in progress while working on developing the sample models of the QNX based devices.

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"QNX experience is going to launch to approach in to our elevated tier products. I can't tell you when; I'm not permitted toward. But it's enormously fraction and bundle of what we're working on currently,” said Chiarello.

"I can tell you that it's going to come in to the advanced stage worth propositions first. It'll almost certainly come in to an all-touch first, more than expected but the timings is not known in particular. But it looks stunning," he added.

Nevertheless the company is up till now to create an official authentication on the issue, the anecdote is that RIM plans to launch the QNX BlackBerry phones by the end of 2012. Preceding comments have by now said that the QNX operating system will run multi-core smartphones.

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