Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facebook Aims to Promote and Incorporate Music and Video

Facebook is planning to bring in an enhanced sharing feature that will formulate music, videos and other variety of media in to Facebook social networking website.

 Facebook authorities or head are at present tiring hard to confer with many different online music services incorporating Spotify, in order to furnish the social networking website with a widget that can be use for exhibiting a user’s most-played tracks, at the equivalent time building it simple for Facebook friends to access and hear them.

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“We’re constantly searching for enhanced conduct to help people discover the most significant content on Facebook but have nothing to proclaim.” Facebook said in a statement.

This kind of brave move can be a massive achievement for the company provided it can integrate features, which can allow users to subscribe to third party music services using online currencies.

“Users having fun with music and share the music with friends on Facebook is amazing that most of people do the same thing with their friends,” Mark Zuckerberg said.

He also added, “I hope we can do wonders with other companies to make Facebook more social.”

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