Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bing Coalition with Facebook is Developing into Productive for Both

All of us knows that  Microsoft is trying to get ahead of Google Search Engine for decade and has been not able to put hole in Google  users, but now they have come out with new way to challenge Google’s authority by shaking hand with Facebook.

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From this end itself, Bing establishes a number of astonishing innovative features in its search offerings. Microsoft’s Bing has determined to exercise the enormous reputation levels of the social networking platform, Facebook to its advantage.

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At present all users will have much improved and appropriate search results to their queries if they are logged on top of Facebook account on the same period.For example, any haphazard query search will guide you to abundant pages before you locate the mainly significant or the precise answer.

Nevertheless, if you’re logged onto your Facebook account at the equivalent time, the relevant searches will pop up on the first page, itself. A bundle of this search activity also relies on the number of ‘likes’ that search result or the link has got from your friend list.

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In addition, Bing searches will make possible for online shoppers to have an enhanced shopping experience. By means of Bing they would at the present be able to post links about products and services of their own selection. This technique they could get a second estimation on the same from their family and friends on Facebook.

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