Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Firefox 5.0 beta with 'Do Not Track' feature for Android

The innovative browser approaches amid a 'Do Not Track' feature, which is exceptionally admired among users. The mobile browser project happened as Fennec, which curved into distended software but has enhanced significantly and seen as subsequent.

Not a soul was enthusiastic to confess it, but the capability of private browsing found countless genuine world takers that approximately every browser in the market had to offer it. Most recent in the list is Firefox 5.0 beta for Android which has a 'Do Not Track' feature as well. This means that your arrangements on the net cannot be tracked if you're using the novel Firefox.

It is an update that came about a month subsequent to the official Firefox browser for Android was announced by Mozilla. Users just require opening the settings of the browser and clicking the option "Tell sites not to track me". This is almost certainly the foremost browser on the small screen to suggest this feature.

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People who are used to the desktop browser unearth mobile browsers to some extent wanting, except Mozilla persists to make efforts to convey the mobile browser up to the customary of desktop browsing. Firefox 5.0 beta for Android to boosts the page loading time on 3G networks. Firefox 5.0 beta browser on mobiles is simple as because it is easy to synchronize between the desktop and mobile versions of the browser, and the mobile version supports the add-ons too.

The shortage of support for Flash, nevertheless, is astonishing ever since contrasting on iOS there are no restrictions on playing Flash videos in the browser. Firefox for mobile was made public as Fennec and it on track as an overstuffed portion of software which has progressively enhanced into one of the enhanced browsers that Android has today.

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