Saturday, May 7, 2011

Google Email Unveils Location Data Importance for Future

A recently divulged email written by a Google product manager has discovered that the location data unruffled by the search engine giant is important to the company’s future. The email is part of a public filing made in a lawsuit adjacent to the company last year. The email designates how significant collecting location data is to the company for its mobile and advertising services approach. The email exchange between Google product manager Steve Lee and Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page was discovered for the duration of a lawsuit filed by Skyhook Wireless.

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Google maintains in the email that assembling location data was very important to the implementation of confident mobile applications and web sites. The data is functional for distributing online advertisements based on users’ location.

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The company, with user permission, gathers location data of wireless access points being entranced by its Android operating system. Google also gathers Wi-Fi access point locations from people using its Chrome web browser. The Wi-Fi location data permits Google to establish the estimated location of mobile phones and desktop computers, which is then used to bring location based advertisements.

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