Saturday, January 28, 2012

Symbian is still going strong as Number One

Nokia appears to be very gradually pushing Symbian out to integrate the bright novel Windows Phone 7 operating system, but as per to the report from mobile Web traffic counting, Symbian is still the number one Smartphone operating system in the world.  Android and iOS will have to work more hard to get the share of market.

As per report, Symbian had a 33.55 percent allocation in web browsing as contrast to 22.61 percent on iOS and 21.76 percent on Android. RIM acquires an ungenerous 7.82 percent of the share.

To be reasonable to the other makers, this doesn’t precisely tell the whole story but the truth is that Symbian has a hefty ascendancy issue in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Also, US and Europe look as if to have left it behind and transferred to the other more accepted operating systems.