Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microsoft to develop an elite library of Windows Phone games

Mobile games/apps are expected to develop enormously next year. Microsoft doesn’t wish for to put down any space empty for its Windows Phone platform. It at this instant chooses on trimming up the mobile platform for gaming. As inclined to WMPoweruser, the company is at the present location up special games for Windows Phone. This library of games possibly will require mobile gaming fanatics to purchase Windows Phone devices. With the Xbox platform in its haul, it shouldn’t be monotonous for Microsoft to accomplish this.

Apparently, a number of of these games by Microsoft are by now in the making. Users are expected to look forward to one special app per month. Actually, the company will maintain to acquire its key apps from iOS to Windows Phone 7. Perceptibly, the App Store is swamped and flooded with games and Windows Phone doesn’t even come anyplace nearer. Halo is going to act as magnet to pull the users to use Windows Phone platform to play mobile game.