Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Facebook currently planning to stop offering support for IE7

It has been a year while Facebook stopped support for IE6. At the present, the social network appears to be playing to a matching song with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7. The browser of version 7 does not support the for the most part the current Facebook Timeline updates that were prepared and also accessible to Facebook members this month. IE7 users can sight their Facebook profile in the older format, as an alternative of the all innovative Timeline design.

Internet Explorer IE7’s worldwide distribute has been dilapidated and the share is just mere 4 percent. Facebook does not desire to provide fractional Timeline support for the five-year old Internet Explorer 7 and goes forward to stop support. Previously Google had stopped support for IE7 for a number of its services.

Even though, Facebook supports each and every foremost browsers, it’s recommended to users to use the most latest and updated versions. If you aren’t in favor of the Timeline feature, then IE7 may possibly just suit you. Facebook is almost worthless on IE6 and one shouldn’t be astonished to see the similar happen with IE7 in coming days.

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