Monday, January 9, 2012

Samsung Smartphone most valuable phone in India

Despite the fact that the reputation of Nokia is waning, it has played a very important role in establishing the Indian landscape to mobile phones. The Finnish player has now been taken over by Samsung in India. As report obtained that in the month of November 2011 the volume in market share and value share were 38 percent and 35.2 percent for Samsung as per research firm. It is for the first time that it has surpassed these figures to go past Nokia.

Samsung observed that the value of share was in peak in the month of October, at the same time as Nokia was most important in terms of volume. In India, it was found that there was flow in the market as the month of November added 6 percent of the general phones of the year.

Report suggests that the Smartphone delivery has touched 7.9 million units from January to September in 2011. Also, Samsung emerges as the market leader with better value share in September. Nokia has been determined to rebound back and this year – 2012 the Lumia range was setup on front.