Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Boost your sales by linking SalesForce CRM with Magento

Real Time Integration of 'Magento' with 'SalesForce CRM’ required, if you are exhausted of sustaining Magento as well as SalesForce CRM autonomously, massive idleness of information, enormous labor cost in conduct of two systems independently and managing novel product campaigns.

Then go for Software Solution Magento SalesForce Connect, which is competent of resolving not only the above-mentioned issues but also an extension that could offer the following:

Real-Time Integration – A Connector could excellently incorporate Magento with SalesForce CRM in a real time such that the Customers, Products and Leads instantaneously updated from Magento to SalesForce CRM.

Better Cash Flow – As this connect diminishes the in commission time of your business workflows then it would generate an occasion in tumbling maintenance cost.  

Enhanced Better Customer Approval – As the Customer details straightforwardly synchronized from 

Magento to SalesForce CRM, it allows you a simple way in continuing connected with your regular Customers that certainly would develop a superior association.

Decreased Manpower and Cost – As these two units connected in a real-time, the Man Power and the related Cost are abridged.

Promotional Campaigns prepared effortlessly – It allows your sales group simply promotes your Product Campaigns as all the Customer Accounts synced to SalesForce and well updated frequently.

The linking of Magento with SalesForce CRM presents updating the task according to information or details provided on such as Product, Lead and Customer.

Linking and connecting Magento with SalesForce CRM features are as follows:

•Product details Updated from Magento toward SalesForce CRM as Products
•Contact Us details updated from Magento with SalesForce as Leads
•Customer Address formation and Update from Magento to SalesForce as Account Addresses
•Customer formation and Update from Magento to SalesForce CRM as Accounts
• Free extension and support updates in the lead with email demand

Magento- SalesForce CRM integration develops potential store of all relevant information in consideration to customers, inventory, shopping carts, leads, order management and payment processing  in the back end of Magento. This will surely be achievable to check and watch the success of your business all in one place, diminishing wasted time and boost productivity.

When you use Software’s solutions for Magento- SalesForce CRM integration, you in addition provide the customers the capability to pathway of their own information. This incorporates gear such as tracking an order, examination of purchase history or tracking store loyalty points. Customers even have the capability to ensure on exact inventory of an item to decide when they should order.

Integrating Magento with SalesForce CRM is the only technique to guarantee the accomplishment of your eCommerce business by developing a user-friendly environment for customers as well as a faultless process for the company.