Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Facebook starts suicide prevention tool in US and Canada

In all over World most of them are hooked to Social networking sites, and that has been touching every aspect of lives and most of them are revealing their private life and problems on social podium. We just love to hang around on social networking sites for just to have fun and chat with pals but there are some who make the platform to show suicidal tendencies who are most of all troubled with their daily chore of lives.

At present the most popular social networking site is Facebook and it has almost 800 million and it is growing fast with active user base, which was working on a set-up to reach out to those who show signs of such disturbing behavior and provide them encouraging words, advice and other requisite support. Facebook has launched a suicide hindrance tool for their podium, in which contacts of those who've been screening such actions can report it to Facebook and help kick off action.

On detecting unambiguous behavioral alternation in one's contact's status updates, and the likes, which demonstrate suicidal curvatures, users can report it by clicking on the report option accessible next to whichever content on Facebook, and then selecting 'suicidal content' under the 'harmful behavior' option.

Once Facebook is clued-up, they will on their part send an e-mail to the 'suicidal' user enclosing a straight link for appealing in a private online chat with a predicament commissioner from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, along with the group's contact number. Apart from all this Facebook users can also inform suicidal behavior by going to the Help Center on Facebook or search for suicide reporting forums on Facebook. Also, those who reported this in the first place will obtain an e-mail saying that the problem has been addressed.

This service is available only to Facebook users across the United States and Canada. More countries will be covered in short span of time.